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Safend Data Protection Suite:
Ab sofort kann die aktualisierte Version 3.4.5 SP1 (Stand 27.03.2012) geladen werden.

=> Management Console Build: 3.4.5671.10993 (32bit)
=> Management Console Build: 3.4.5672.10997 (64bit)
=> Protector Client Build: 3.4.5619.10914 (32bit)
=> Protector Client Build: 3.4.5619.10914 (64bit)

Safend Data Protection Suite – Programme & Dokumentation


New Features

  • Custom Metadata Inspection – Safend Inspector can now inspect custom Metadata added by an application or manually by the end user to office files. The feature is used for integration with various documents management systems.
  • Email Labeling – Safend Inspector can now add automatic text to an email Subject line according to its classification. This feature allows integration with Email Encryption products that can then encrypt sensitive emails only.
  • Lotus Notes Native Inspection – Lotus Notes inspection is now part of the Email Channel in Safend Inspector and can be configured using all the advanced settings of this channel including subject, recipient and body data.
  • Safend Data Protection Suite, Categories and Built in Groups Updates¬ –
  • Multiple Forest Authentication – Safend Encryptor can now authenticate with multiple forest infrastructures.
  • Additional Antivirus Support – Safend Protector, the Removable Media Antivirus add-on, can now work with Kaspersky & F-Secure AV.
  • Additional Operating System Support – Safend Data Protection Agent is now supported on Mac OS/X Lion (32-bit\64-bit) and Snow Leopard (64-bit) in addition to current Snow Leopard\Leopard 32-bit support.
  • Expanded Localization Support – Safend Data Protection Suite version 3.4.5 can now be installed in German and Japanese on both agent & server side, and in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian on the agent Side.
  • Safend Diagnostics Tool – Safend Data Protection Agent is now installed with a built-in diagnostics tool helping to shorten the support cycle.


  • Inspection Engine Optimization – Improvements have been made to inspection time for external storage devices to several frequently used scenarios were also optimized for performance yielding significant improvements in inspection time.
  • Login to Encrypted Machines Improvements – Several fixes have been made in this version in order to improve login time to encrypted machines.
  • On some occasions when upgrading from DPS 3.3 to 3.4.5 an encrypted machine becomes blocked – After the upgrade of an encrypted 3.3 machine to a 3.4.5 machine, the machine is blocked until unblocking it.
  • Upgrade to 3.4.5 Server Changes the Removable Storage Encryption Fallback Setting – After a server upgrade, the current default fallback action for removable media encryption is changed to Block, instead of Read Only.
  • Rare deadlock with Wi-Fi control may affect login – On very rare occasions, a Wi-Fi control policy may cause a deadlock that may delay login time, during the Wi-Fi driver initialization.

Minor Enhancements

    Backward compatibility of registry-based polices is now supported.

  • It is now possible to configure the DPS to remove the simultaneous policy editing protection for Protector Policies.
  • In some cases, after safely removing a storage device, the encrypted volume remains in My Computer.
  • Upgrading from a Wave-branded client to a Safend client is now supported.
  • On some occasions, Protector Logs are received without applying a Protector policy.
  • It is now possible to use a hyphen(-) as part of the keyword data classification.
  • When the Removable Media Encryption setting is set to allow, there is no pop up message for the CD\DVD.
  • It is now possible to edit the „Update policy“ end user message and control its visibility when updating policies.
  • Multiple Shadowed Files that are attached to multiple logs can now be saved easily from the Safend Data Protection Management Console.
  • Shadowed Files can now be opened easily using their native application, directly from the Safend Data Protection Management Console.
  • Export and Import of Policies in the Safend Data Protection Management Console is now more intuitive and allows using multiple selection operations.
  • White list groups based on distinct devices and white list groups that are based on model\vendor now have different appearance, in order to distinguish easily between these groups.
  • Restrict Logs Transfer to a specific time frame, must be used with a time frame whose start time and end time are on the same day. (18359)
  • The path to the scheduled system backup of the Management Server cannot contain an IP address (e.g.,\share). (14315)
  • Syslog and SNMP based alerts will not be forward to SNMP\Syslog servers when the Safend Server is installed on a 64 bit operating system. (18565)
  • Offline logs are not being sent when setting the device to read only outside the organization. (19086)
  • Shadowing files with very long file names will fail, and will jam log traffic. This is due to a known Windows problem, where a user can rename a file with a very long file name and path (255 chars), but afterwards the file cannot be copied/moved. As a result, such files will generate duplicate logs (empty with initial filename, and another two for temp files), but will not be shadowed. (7323)
  • Removable Storage Encryption is not supported for Kingston DataTraveler BlackBox, on Windows Vista. (9887)
  • An Imaging devices blocking policy with certain Dell internal cameras is not supported. (16848)
  • Protector for Mac: When the policy is set to block CD\DVDs on an iMac platform, the eject button is not functional till a reboot. (16817)
  • Protector for Mac: On some occasions on protected machines, removable media devices cannot be formatted unless you are uninstalling the client. (17125)

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