Safend Client Deinstallation

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In certain cases there is a need to perform an emergency cleanup of the Safend Agent, while the system cannot load.

Safend has created a “SPEC on PE CD-ROM Tool”.
The ISO file to create the CD is available in the FTP site used to download and install your version of the Safend Product (found under additional files->tools->SPEC_TOOL.ISO).
If you encounter any problems with finding the file, please contact Safend Support (

Hinweis: Sie finden dieses ISO Image auch auf unserer Webseite im Download Bereich von Safend unter TOOLS.

Schritt #1:

***Note: Running this tool on an machine encrypted by Safend Encryptor is not supported and can render the machine unbootable!

  1. Burn the ISO file to a CD
  2. Insert the CD into the drive and reboot the system
  3. In the boot menu, choose to boot from a CD-Rom drive.
  4. Wait for the system to boot from the CD. Press “Enter” and the SPEC application will open.
  5. Contact ProSoft Support and supply the Cleanup Token to get the matching Cleanup Key.
  6. Enter the Cleanup Key.
  7. Under “Operating System” section, choose to clean “another operating system on this machine” (second radio button).
  8. Click on “Browse” button and supply the “Windowssystem32” folder of the operating system you wish to remove Safend Protector from.
  9. Click on “Cleanup Now” button and wait while Safend Agent is being removed from the system.
  10. Reboot and logon to windows.
  11. Remove the Safend Agent using SPEC or SAU option

Schritt #2: beachten Sie bitte Ihre Version!
Safend Client Version 3.3 oder Àlter:

For cases in which the machine cannot boot you should start by using the “SPEC on PE” option.
Then continue with the following steps:

Note: Running this tool on an machine encrypted by Safend Encryptor is not recommended, and will mandate using the Recovery Utility.

  1. Run “SPEC” from the command line or directly from WindowsSystem32
  2. Send the token you receive to Safend Support.
  3. You will receive a reply with a matching cleanup key.
  4. Under the operating system section choose to clean “current operating system”, enter the cleanup key you received and press “Cleanup Now”.
  5. Complete the process and reboot the machine.

Safend Client Version 3.4 oder aktueller:

Note: You should not run the SPEC command directly from the operating system (as in 3.3) in any circumstance! Please follow only the steps below.

  1. In most cases, after using “SPEC on PE” you should be able to simply remove the Agent from Add/Remove Programs.
  2. In case this is still not working, you should use the SAU (Support Assisted Uninstall) option:
    1. open the command line, and type: Msiexec /i [path to safend Agent MSI] SAU=1 /l*v C:1.txt
    2. Once the uninstall process starts you will get a cleanup token. Send it to ProSoft Support.
    3. You will receive a reply with a matching cleanup key.
      Use it to complete the uninstall process, and then reboot the machine.
    4. During the process, an msi log will be created in C:1.txt.
      This is to be sent to ProSoft Support in case the uninstall fails.


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